Hotel Restaurant Bären Adelboden

Bound by tradition

1569 – exactly  452 years ago – the Bären was built as the first Inn in Adelboden. Ever since it stands for

hospitality, sociability and a place where happy people meet. 1934, the whole  building was wrecked and re-constructed. The last big renovation took place between 2017 and 2019.

Time does not stop and the customer`s expectations rise. In the spring 2017, all hotel rooms were renovated; more modern and

comfortable. Nevertheless, the hotel has preserved the charm of the past. Fall 2017 we gave the Restaurant Bären a complete new look; especially valuable and authentic  materials were used and merged with modern and regional accents. Our aim is to make our guests to feel home away from home in a unique atmosphere. As for 452 years hospitality and conviviality come first.

Welcome in Hotel Bären Adelboden

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